Bonnie at Taggerts

As you go up Weber Canyon you will see an exit for Taggert. I got off of that exit to get access to a beautiful iron train bridge. The Weber River flows underneath the bridge, and in warm weather you’ll find a fisherman there, or two. It is absolutely beautiful, and if you’re lucky a train will go by adding a thundering reason why the bridges are still there.

On the other side of the freeway you’ll find Taggert. It consists of about 6 houses, and a restaurant. There are always many cars and bikes parked in front of this place, and I was curious. So last September, I got on my bike and headed up Weber Canyon to take some photos and have lunch at Taggerts.

The blue cheese burger was outstanding. But Bonnie made it worth the trip. She was friendly. She offered excellent customer service. And she really cared. I actually thought she might own the place.


After I finished my meal, I asked her if she was a part of the ownership of Taggerts, maybe part of the family at least. I ended up learning some amazing things about her.

Bonnie lives 80 miles away from Taggerts, down in Utah county. She has a full time position working in the health care industry, but on Friday nights and weekends, she comes to work here. It’s not so much that she needs the money, she just loves the people. I made the mistake of thinking that she meant she loved the people she worked with. She corrected me. While she does enjoy the people she works with, she comes for the customers.

She motioned to the table right behind me and told me about an amazing man that used to come in and sit at that table every Sunday. If there was somebody at that table, he would wait. It was “his” table, and Bonnie was his friend.

She went on to tell me about his life, where he had worked, how retirement was kind of hard for him, and how much he loved his family. Then a sob kind of caught in Bonnie’s throat. She went on to tell me that he had gotten sick, cancer, and he started missing his traditional Sunday brunches at Taggerts. With a tear in her eye she told me he had died. That she still missed him on Sundays, even though it had been some time since his passing.

Bonnie made my day. Heck, maybe my whole week. A bright, intelligent, accomplished woman driving an hour and a half one way several times a weekend because she loves serving the people that come to her restaurant. I’m glad to have met her. Meeting her and hearing her stories was the best part of this journey.

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1 Response to Bonnie at Taggerts

  1. Nanci says:

    …and you take the time to look deeper and see more than just another person. To look into their very souls. Takes a great mind (and heart) to unwrap the hidden treasures of the soul. Very inspiring you are. =)


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