Three Year Old’s Rock


This is Orson and his dad. Orson is a great person, and one cool kid. I’m great friends with his parents. I’ve known them longer (his mom and I went to high school together), but I’m not sure I love them more.

Orson and I went out to Stansbury Island (we took his parents too) to take photos of the Great Salt Lake. We stopped in this area with old truck and tractor skeletons laying around. It may not surprise you to know that Orson started exploring this amazing place with great energy and enthusiasm. And there were lots of things around to catch his eye.

The fun part was, no matter what he found, he would pick it up and bring his exciting new find and give it to me. Everything from six foot lengths of wire, to 4 pound chunks of steel, to cow pies, to sharp pieces of broken plastic, if it caught his eye, he brought it to me.

At one point I wasn’t paying attention to him, and found him jabbing a sharp piece of plastic into my hand. It was just a tad painful, but I became aware of him saying in his best “daddy” voice “Be careful Doug, this is is sharp, be careful” as he continually jabbed me with it until I accepted his gift.

What a great kid! To see the pure joy that came to him from the simplest things laying around on the ground made my time on Stansbury Island more fun. His excitement was contagious.

I was told that later I was remembered in his nightly prayers. A three year old remembering me in his prayers – could it get much better?

Three year olds in general – Orson in particular – make my journey through life better. I hope I can learn to be more like him.

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2 Responses to Three Year Old’s Rock

  1. Kelly says:

    They do, thanks for loving us and being our friend.


  2. Nanci says:

    What an amaaaaaazing photograph Doug. You have a rare talent to bring out the true personality of your subjects and make it enjoyable for others to smile at. =] I will continue to learn from you.


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