Another Crossroad?

This is Cindy. She has a big long fancier name, but I’m just not that fancy name remembering type of guy. I’m glad she made it easy on me.

She grew up in a small town in southern Utah. She participated in 4H, slung pipes in the summer for her dad’s farm, and made it through high school with all those great memories of growing up in a small town.

Then she went away to a big college in a big city. Worked hard, got her degree.


Now she works in a very large eastern city for a giant retailer. She’s been there three years and loves the team she works with. She’s aware of the growth that she’s gone through. She told me that when she moved east the only person she had ever met in her new city was her boss. A city of a million strangers – daunting for a kid just out of college to be sure. But she’s loved it. However…

A year ago, she started getting this itch.

She thinks it might be time to go back to school. Her energy level clearly increased as we started talking about the future and what she could do once she’s back in school. Now here’s the hard part.

The place she works clearly rewards MBA degrees with advancement and higher pay. She’s confident that it would further her career there to get those three letters behind her name – Cindy M.B.A. Yeah, looks good too doesn’t it? However she sees what the MBA’s in her office do. You know, beyond the new title and bigger numbers on the paycheck, what they “do”. They sit in meetings, they talk on the phone, they compete hard to move up the ladder.

But her degree and her heart are in Dance. She loves it – loves the expression of the artform and has this desire (dare I say deep desire) to become a choreographer, to go to work each day and express her creativity through dance. To reach out and create emotion in the lives of concert goers.

But all that money invested in an advanced degree in dance or choreography would be hard to earn back – lots of love and passion in the artistic and creative endeavors, not a lot of cash. At least from the surface where she and I stood discussing the possibilities…

I got the impression as we talked that she was a little surprised that she felt the need to change again so quickly after her big move and career launch. I’m old now, and have seen how it works a little. I didn’t want to tell her to never get too comfortable, because in my life, it’s always changed, and not quite as I expected.

I encouraged her to follow her heart. As a guy whose made his living following his heart and being creative, I’m rooting for her heart. Following mine has always led me to great places.

One thing I am certain of though, no matter what her decision, life will make sure her education continues one way or another.   I’m convinced each one of us has that gift to create greatness out of the specific learning experiences we are presented with in life – so I’m confident Cindy will be great. I’m happy to have met her, and wish her nothing but the best.

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1 Response to Another Crossroad?

  1. Marshall Hughey says:

    This was great… Cindy’s crossroad is the same one a lot of us keep coming back to. You would think that the older we get the more we would become uhm… rational – think with our heads – but maybe it has something to do with our own mortality that leads us to follow our hearts as we get older. Always in the back of my mind is “I’m going to be dead one day – guess I should do what I want to do.”


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