Sebastian Inlet, Florida

You know when I create things for this site, I always have someone in mind – the person that I’m “speaking” to as I convey the feelings and impressions of where I am or who I’ve met.

When I first created a “What I Saw” video, I got some great feedback from Atticus through his Mom who is a friend of mine that I’ve never met. I already had a great affection for their family, but the input that “Atticus really liked this” was pretty cool to hear. It made an impression.

So when I was working hard to keep the camera and tripod from blowing over at Sebastian Inlet, wondering if I was getting any footage worth keeping in the bright Florida sun (hard to see the LCD display on my camera in the direct sunlight), I was thinking of Atticus and what he might like to see from this amazing place in Florida.

I hope you like it. I hope he does too.

By the way… toward the end of the piece, there’s a guy running from the waves coming over the pier. You can see a guy to the far right in an orange shirt. That’s Richard, with no line in the water, giving the appearance of fishing.

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