Your Daddy’s Rich!


Larry and his brother grew up in a small town. Their dad was a successful business man known to all, except his boys. Larry told me the story of how he and his brother found out.

“My brother and I were about 10 and 8 years old respectively. We had gone downtown and were standing in a store looking at some merchandise. The store owner came up to us and asked us if we wanted it. We replied that we sure did want it, but we didn’t have any money.

The store owner replied “well aren’t you the Humes boys?”.

We told him we were. He knew my dad by name – asked if that was our dad. Yep, it sure was.

“Well you boys are rich!” the store owner exclaimed.

“We ARE?” We were dumbfounded – we had no idea we were rich! This was a great revelation to us, but the store owner had additional information.

“Well you boys just take this (motioning to the merchandise), and I’ll give your dad credit. At the end of the month I’ll just send him a statement and he’ll pay for it then.”, he said.

“You will? He will?” This was great information indeed!

So we took the merchandise and went to the next store on the block. We walked in a proudly declared “We’re the Humes boys!”. We went up and down that street stopping at every store, and sure enough every store owner knew that we were rich and extended credit to our dad.

That was the best day of our lives!

However soon it was the end of the month.

Our dad came in with a handful of statements and asked us what had happened. We were very excited to tell him that we were rich! He replied “I’m rich, you boys are not!”.

He then started handing out the chores and my brother and I worked off every penny of the debt we incurred that day – that day when we found out our daddy was rich.”

Larry and I work together – sorta. He and I are in the same marketing department, but he lives in Florida and I’m in Utah. So we see each other once or twice a year. I have him tell this story every time we’re with someone new – I wish I had video of him telling it. It’s a great story, and he tells it very well.

I hope I’ve done it some justice here.

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