Incredible Courage

This story comes from a PSN friend on Facebook.

“I saw something today that, in hindsight, I realize was incredibly courageous. My tennis team was in playoffs today. As a group of us were waiting for courts to open up, one of the players on the closest court came over to the full glass wall separating spectators from players and sat down on the ground. She was in tears, trying to communicate something to her team. She was telling her team she was about to have a seizure. She then had a seizure there on the court, with her father beside her, watching over her. Her team explained to us that this is just what happens sometimes–no need to call 911 or seek medical help; they had explained the situation to USTA in advance and had approval for her to play. This amazing young woman had her seizure and then stood up, dusted herself off, and headed right back onto the court to play. She didn’t let it slow her down except for the time when it literally incapacitated her. I was awestruck, and despite how upsetting it was to witness, I am grateful I got to see her determination to do her thing, despite her circumstances.”

Gina Atwood – copied here with her permission.

Thanks Gina, love this story.

I think of how many times I let small things prevent me from even trying something.  I’m quite sure we are all much stronger, much more capable than we give ourselves credit for.  I love this story for reminding me of that.  Now then, off to find something hard to do!

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