The Messages We Send

Driving home, I see a boy slightly banged up via skateboard on the roadside.

Me (rolling down window): Hey there. You ok? Can I give you a ride somewhere?

Teen boy: Yeah, um, I’m not supposed to take rides.

Me: Oh, good rule. Can I call someone for you?

Boy: I called. My mom said to walk home & she’d see me later. (pause). Hey you playin the Red Hot Chili Peppers? (now climbing into my car..) I love them. My name’s Sam.

Shared via Facebook by Erin, one of People Story Networks friends. Thanks Erin for allowing me to pass this on. It makes me smile.

Erin told me that she always stops for kids who are in need of help, because she loves kids. I love this because Erin is in education, and spends her days helping kids.

Made me feel great knowing that there are people like Erin on the front lines of our education system.

You can join PSN on Facebook here.

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