We Go to the Haircut Lady

I may just dedicate this blog to kids after this one. I wish I had it on video tape, because his mannerisms just about put me on the floor laughing. Meet Jarin, one amazingly cool kid with more energy at the end of the day than my entire household starts the day with.


Jarin: Hey, I got my hair cut, see? (shakes his head vigorously to shake his bangs back and forth)

Me: Oh that looks great, was your hair really long?

Jarin: Yeah, I had to do this to even be able to see! (he grabs two handfuls of bangs and pulls them dramatically to each side while bulging his eyes out)

Me (laughing so hard I can hardly talk): So it’s better now for sure! Who cut it for you?

Jarin: The haircut lady!

Me: Oh, not your dad? (his dad was standing right there listening but not enjoying the antics as much as I was)

Jarin: Oh, no way! Once my mom cut my hair…

Me: But now you go to the haircut lady?

Jarin: Yeah! She doesn’t cut your ear!

Me (laughing again): Oh no, you…

Jarin (cutting right back in over the top of me, looking at me like a doctor giving me a prognosis): I mean that really bleeds! (he states this in a very matter of fact voice, completely devoid of any distress)

This surprise revelation has me laughing even harder. He sees my reaction and gives me the same kind of look as the photo, enjoying me enjoying his story. After a second he adds…

Jarin: So mom thought it was best that we go to the haircut lady from now on.

One of the more awesome stories I’ve heard this week Jarin. Thanks to him and his dad for completely making my day! I laughed so hard writing it, remembering it, there’s tears in my eyes. Great kid with a great personality. Loved it.

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