An Education in Chorizo Sandwiches

I’m always the muscle. I’m like the nicest guy you’d ever want to meet, and I always get taken along as the muscle.

Sure, I’m 6’7″ and built like an aging NFL lineman… ok, I guess I see their point.

One of my sons has always been the entrepreneur of the family. He talked me into taking a paper route that he had to have my help on. Every morning we were up at 4:30 am to go throw papers…

I made him save 50% of it. Told him he could only use that money for other things that made money. it drove him crazy trying to think of something a 14 year old could do to make money. Then one day he came to me with a plan…

We ended up with a walking vendor pass at the city fireworks on the 4th of July, walking and talking with people and liberating them from their money. I was the guy with the big pockets, a walking Brinks truck if you will. The little squirt made $800 in one night.

The kid knows how to make money. (insert kid funding retirement plans joke here)


While I was in Rupert, I met Terry. Terry had a vendors pass and was selling the most amazing sandwiches! If you wanted a drink… if you wanted a chorizo sandwich… this was the place to be. Any other kind of sandwich or treat just keep moving on – you’d have to get that at another booth.


When my son and I did our thing it was for one night, and Rupert celebrates the fourth of July for five nights! So I was doing some mental math and was pretty astonished at the numbers coming up in my head. I thought Terry was really onto something since there always seemed to be a line of people at her booth…

Then I saw this sign stuck to the side of the booth…


You’ve probably made the leap of logic faster than I did. Terry is part of the Basque Association, and they run this booth with the sole intent of making money to give away to kids headed to college.

I asked how much the scholarships were, and Terry said “It depends on how much money we make”. I laughed out loud. “You literally take what you make and divide it by five and give it away?” I asked.

Yes. It’s that simple. A group of ten people, give or take, run this booth every year at the Rupert 4th celebration, take the money they make and make a huge impact on a local kids life by helping them get into college.

She’s been doing it for more than 20 years too. That’s over 100 kids who have had help going to college. That’s an amazing thing. I thought it was noteworthy, and another piece of evidence that the human race is pretty darn cool.

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