Happy Everything!

Have you ever considered your talents? How very odd and unique and wonderful a compilation they really are?

For example, I was born to racquets. I know, odd huh? My grandma used to tell me, EVERY time I saw her, about when I was four and I’d bring her a badminton racquet and a birdie. I’d make her throw it to me and when I’d miss hitting it I’d tell her “you missed grandma!”. I know, darling huh?

In high school I played on the tennis team. I loved it. Number one seed my senior year. I know, I know. Darn impressive.

But every day after school when the weather permitted we’d be out there bashing the ball. I love the rhythm of warm up, kah-whap…. kah-whop…. start that racquet down low, accelerate the head quickly, catch that ball on the rise and end with the racquet high over my head… watch with satisfaction as it clears the net by six feet and the topspin starts to take effect bringing the ball down right into the middle of no-man’s land… kah-whop… my opponent hits it back… brings a smile to my face. That is fun.

You know, as fun as that is, it’s never really translated into a practical use in my life. I can’t tell you that I’m a master framer on a construction site because I’m so good at swinging a hammer too… nope, never could get the hang of hitting that nail with the head of a hammer… It’s just racquets and balls – I just seem to have been born with the ability to really punish an opponent with a racquet and a ball…


However you don’t have to be around Lori for very long to see that the talent she was born with has become her life. Lori loves people. Wait, that doesn’t quite do it. Lori. LOVES. People. Hmmm, needs a bigger font.

I’m sitting in the Wayside Cafe waiting for a friend. You know when you’re driving down the freeway and you see a giant sign off of the exit that says “EAT”? Yeah, it’s one of those places.


Ok, seriously folks. How many times can you eat at a national chain before your mouth just gets so bored that it wants to die. Sure you know that sandwich is going to be EXACTLY like the sandwich you had back home and it’s going to be delicious… but seriously… how fun is that?

When I travel, when I want to meet the real people that make a place special, I go to the place one of the local people owns. Not only do I make amazing friends in these places, but I eat amazing food! My mouth is NEVER bored.

So I know you drive past an exit and see the “EAT” sign in the distance and snigger and turn the other direction to eat at the Wendy’s that’s also part of a gas station. I’m telling you, as your trusted blogger friend, you’re missing out. Oh sure, there’s probably a great person working at Wendy’s with a great story… but the food! This digression is about your mouth and it’s happiness.

Ok, sometimes the food isn’t that great. But LIVE a little! The whole point of travel is to do something different, to enjoy the journey. Eat at places owned by the local people, and talk to them while you’re there. It always makes the journey better.


Lori brings me a lovely beverage to enjoy while I wait. I’m cool, I’m relaxed, I have my favorite beverage, I’m set. What I witness is… hmmm, kind of at a loss for words here…

Have you gone to a symphony where the featured artist does things with a violin that goes right to your heart? Leaves you with tears in your eyes?

Have you watched an amazing athlete rise from the foul line, flying over the traffic of the key, to hammer a dunk home?

Have you looked at a painting and felt that you understood exactly what the artist was feeling when she created it?

Watching Lori is kind of like that.

You think I’ve overstated, but I haven’t.

Lori is an artist.

First there’s the way she moves. It’s effortless. Refilling drinks, wiping a spill, gliding through the door with five plates balanced and a customers check in one of her hands…

But on top of that, on top of the physical motion that reveals decades of experience, there’s her caring.

She knows the older couple sitting by the window are on their way back to Oregon – she knows their kid lives there and she knows his name. She hands them the check and tells them to travel safely. I believe she means it because she hands them a little treat for the road, something in a box that they must have said they loved.

She glides over to the next table, a coffee pot has appeared in her hand, as she refills the two men’s cups she talks to the four year old girl that is with them. She compliments the girl on her hair, and finds that one of the men did it for her this morning. She is genuinely touched by this and as she glides away from the table there is a little girl who loves her dad more for making her hair pretty, and there’s a man who is slightly blushing as he feels pride for caring for his daughter…

And it’s repeated over and over. Every table she knows just what needs to be said to make the people glad they are here, glad they are alive! I know, it sounds fabulous and over the top, but I’m telling you it was like watching an master performance of skill and grace and absolute caring.

A man walks in and kind of stands there, grinning and bashful. Lori sees him and glides over and gives him a huge hug. She wipes tears from her eyes and exclaims “what has it been? Ten years? More?”. The man mumbles that it’s been eleven, and Lori welcomes him home. She knows his name, she knows where he likes to sit, she remembers how he likes his coffee. It’s been ELEVEN years since he was in last!! I’m witnessing amazingness on a level I haven’t seen.

My friend comes, we eat and talk and I enjoy her company, but I keep my eye on Lori. It never stops. She is a graceful whirlwind of charm and service and food. She glides by my table and drops a check – she winks at me and says “don’t touch that yet!”. She’s back in seconds with a stamp and a stamp pad. She stamps the back of my check and says “I used to wish people happy birthday, but why just limit it to one day?” She lifts the stamp and I have to smile.


I’m lucky I stopped by the Wayside. I’m lucky to have met Lori. I talked with her, I know her story. She’s been a waitress at Wayside for 27 years, she left for a while to run a convenience store, but the owners begged her to come back. Made her a partner. Yep, they know she’s cool too.

To me, her actions speak for themselves. Lori is an amazing person.

For what it’s worth – I’d go back just for the food, in fact I did! Wayside Cafe off of the Rupert Exit under the EAT sign. If you get a chance, go meet Lori. You’ll be glad you did.

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8 Responses to Happy Everything!

  1. TeAnna says:

    I LOVE this blog. Lori is a phenomenal woman, as well as a boss. I had the opportunity to work for her for a bit. I’ve know her for years, and you have nailed her on the head. She’s VERY caring, a good friend an even better mother. I’m glad you had the “chance” to meet her. Thank you for this, she definitely deserves this recognition!


    • thanks for taking time to comment – it was amazing to watch her, that’s for sure!


      • Mark says:

        I have known Lori for a long time as well..She is an awesome lady!!! Not ever easy to forget.Not that i would want to or ever will..I was graced to have met her and talk to her several times, She had amazed me every time we would talk. Just simply amazing. I am so proud that I was able to have had meet such a wonderful friend that is so full of life and can make every time she talks make you feel so important..Lori is an awesome waitress I used to love to go in there as I passed through as I lived in paul and transported bulk materials across idaho. It was hard to wait to get back there to see listen and talk to Lori, She occupied a considerable amount of my time thinking of our conversations and laughs


  2. Amber Whitaker says:

    Thank you so much for this! Lori is my mother and to have a stranger talk about her with such wonderful words brought me to tears! Thank you!


    • Amber, thank you so much for commenting. When I took her photo and talked to her for a minute I didn’t really tell her why, I just was so inspired by the amazing things she does, and how well she did them… well I suppose you already know that part.

      Thanks again for the comment. I’m glad you liked it.


  3. Kris Faux says:

    Not going to lie…Lori is an amazing person!!!! One thing you wouldn’t know is that she spend her summer vacation helping children with very very special needs camping and riding horses! She is a really amazing person:)


  4. Monte Bird says:

    She is a very good Mother and Grandmother, she makes every were she is like home.Even her work, she makes it like her home and anyone that comes in is welcome. and effortlessly she will go out of her way to make you fill that way.


  5. Jamie Bird says:

    I live in Missouri and I would give anthing to be at the Wayside today for breakfast. I have only met Lori twice, but I had the pleasure of staying in her home. What a true sweetheart! She spent many hours helping look for my lost kitty that escaped while we were in Idaho. My sister and I are truly blessed to know her.


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