A Tiny White Elephant

I’ve been thinking about gifts that aren’t exactly welcome. Like a white elephant. I’ve heard that in India a white elephant is sacred, so if you are “blessed” with one you can’t make it work, but you have to feed and care for it. All the work, none of the pay off.

That’s a serious pet– and a perfect gift for your favorite enemy.


Whitney came home from college this year with a little smaller gift. Somewhere along the way she had picked up a kitty. It was SO cute, she had to bring it home.

Mom was not amused.

As Whitney is telling this story to me, she keeps cupping her hands and placing one over the top of the other, her eyes softening as she remembers how cute and soft and small this cat was. It was all alone, nobody to care for it. She simply had to adopt it.

But mom was pretty adamant that the cat could not stay. So Whitney took it back to where she found it, put it down and went back home.

Soon the kitty was there again.

She tried several things, but the cat just kept following her home.

So she did what most people would do… wait a minute… she did what nobody would do!

She drove into a neighborhood and found a house. She could see the woman that lived there through the window playing the piano and singing. So Whitney went to the front door, opened it slightly, dropped the kitty inside, quietly shut the door, and drove off.

Yeah, I never would have seen that coming either…

Whitney gave a gift of something that was near and dear to her heart. I can hardly imagine the puzzlement that went through that lady’s mind as she’s sitting there playing the piano, in her secure house, and a kitty walks in…

A tiny white elephant. But a white elephant just the same.

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1 Response to A Tiny White Elephant

  1. Billy Hensler says:

    Great story, Doug.
    As things often times take form as they are meant to be, I’ll reckon the cat walked in, leapt gracefully atop the piano, enjoying the music and the companionship of a woman who did not, until then know she deserved such a warm friend.


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