Sometimes things work. Sometimes they break.

Yesterday my son spent the day with his girlfriend – it was a grand tour of celebration. Her brother was married yesterday and my son was caught up in the festivities.

Throughout the day he guessed they drove 200 miles or more.

Today he got up and drove 50 miles to be at work at 8:00 am. Worked his day – working hard for his meager salary. He’s still at that age where his strong body is worth more than his still to be educated mind. But he puts in his time and gets his check and pays his bills. He’s learning as he goes.
Once work was over today he got in his car – 50 miles away from his shower, girlfriend, home and the car will. not. start. Time to get it towed.

Yesterday the car took him 200 miles in air conditioned safety. Today 50 miles was all it had left. Time for something new – at least for a while…

For most of us this is just life in the twenty-first century. Sometimes things work, sometimes they break. We pay people who know how to fix things a lot of money to put our life back on track…

Lexi scaled.jpg

Meet Lexi. Two years ago Lexi was an intelligent, energetic high school student. She took AP courses and loved to play softball. She played for her school team and hoped that the game she loved would also pay for part of her college.

She spent a lot of time in the mountains. The town in which she lives is nestled into the mountains and bordered by national forest on three sides. She loves the outdoors and spent a lot of time there with her friends.

One day about 18 months ago she and her friends were out “knocking down trees with big metal poles”. Yeah, that’s what she said. I’d like to have that conversation back, because as I write this I can’t picture what she and her friends were doing for the life of me – but she said that’s what they were doing. We’ll have those details another time perhaps.

They were winding down for the day and one of her friends tossed her metal pole to the ground and somehow on the way it hit Lexi in the head. It knocked her out. Her friends thought she was playing because there wasn’t a mark on her – not even a bump where she had been hit.

She pointed to a place at the top of her neck where it meets the back of her head several times while telling me about this, I imagine that is where she was hit. They were far away from their homes and medical help – but her friends got her back to the hospital.

Part of life in the 21st century. Yesterday Lexi’s brain was studying for ACT and AP tests, she could play softball and run. Yesterday she could read a book in a couple of days with excellent comprehension. Now Lexi was paralyzed for 30 days. When she awoke she couldn’t talk, walk, stand, or even think of reading… Time for something new- at least for a little while…

Sometimes things work. Sometimes they break.

A car is one thing, but it’s not supposed to happen to beautiful intelligent high school girls. So we pay people to put her life back together.

She’s grateful to doctors and medical staff for their help. She had to start at the beginning again. Walking first, then learning to talk, then slowly learning to read again. Coaxing her brain to accept the new information that’s important to her.

She is quick to give credit to all of those who supported her through prayer and fasting. In Lexi’s mind there is no question… The person responsible for putting her back together is the Lord. But it’s a slow process. As she learns to live again, she learns patience and perseverance.

She took the ACT and her AP tests while recovering – barely able to walk she studied and took the tests. She passed all of her AP tests! She scored a 26 on her ACT.

We know where to turn when our car breaks. To Lexi the only place to turn with a broken head, a broken brain, a broken heart, a shattered life – the person that knows how to fix that is God.
She’s grateful! In a remarkable statement she showed her amazing spirit, she’s grateful to be where she is, for the miracles that have gotten her here.

I’m inspired by my time spent with Lexi. I’m glad I’m so grateful to have had this conversation. God bless Lexi! May she continue on to full recovery.

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