Why I decided to blog

People are good at heart.  I honestly believe that.

They also like to talk to me for some reason.  I’d like to think at 6’7″ tall I’d be really scary and people would shy away from me.  But the opposite seems to be true – I’m approached by strangers all the time.  They strike up a conversation, tell me things about themselves.  Things that help me believe in the basic goodness of humanity.

I bought a motorcycle as an inexpensive way to get from here to where the photos are.  I ride it all summer long.  Ride until my backside insists on standing up, then I get off the bike and make photos.  Ride and repeat.

The motorcycle seems to increase the occurrences of people talking to me.  At first I was baffled by this, tried to figure it out.  Then I realized I didn’t really need to figure it out – these people were making my journey better, a LOT better!  I started identifying my photos by the people I had spoken to just before or just after I made the exposure.  The people I met along the way became the secret to a great journey.

So I started taking photos of the people – spending more time talking with them.  Inviting them to talk more with me.  I found there are great people everywhere I go.

Now I will share their stories here – along with some commentary on why they were so great to cross paths with.  Some will be from my travels, others just make my journey through life better as coworkers and friends.

Media sows fear.  My reality says media lies.  I hope by reading my blog you’ll be inspired to go out into the world and make a new friend, help a stranger smile, reach out to someone who needs a hand.  The world is a beautiful place – and the people are the most interesting and beautiful creations in it.  I hope you’ll see what I mean.

6 Responses to Why I decided to blog

  1. George Bingham says:

    I love your idea, and these entries are neat. Thanks for sharing.
    We are all more alike than different.
    It will make me look for people more each day, and be more willing to talk to them.

    George Bingham


  2. alecia says:

    What a great outlook on life. I need to hang out with you more. Inspiring blog and well written.


  3. Irene says:

    You seem to have a special way with people. Wonderful blog, great photos.


  4. heyzanie says:

    Hey Doug, thanks for popping by my blog. And I really like yours.

    Most of the time we blog to talk about ourselves but you choose to tell stories of others. It’s refreshing….dun we all love inspiring stories of people around us and learn from them?

    I’ll definitely come by for more. Cheers 🙂


  5. ivasallay says:

    Dear Doug,
    I’m so thankful that your brain works, and you are able to write the things that you do!
    I’ve enjoyed your blog multiple times


  6. What’s going on in your world? This is Madison Latimer -Artist. You interviewed me in May-June 2012, I think. I see your last post was 2014 and wondering what going on with you.


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